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    “A Moment in Time…Understand, Embrace”


    Jimmy Giannettino, Photographer


    Part 2  (c) 2016



    Publisher’s Note:


    For those of us who are former New York City residents or still live downstate, there is an appreciation for the vitality, hustle and bustle, diversity, grittiness, distinct neighborhoods, focused character, cacophony of sound, and kaleidoscope of lights that make New York City, “The Big Apple.”  And this observation is not to suggest that first time or repeat newcomers fail to miss these urban, BIG city specific nuances.  Truth be told, visitors, whether tourists or travelers on business, take in myriad pre-arranged sights.  All too often , these folks just focus on the “go to” touristy destinations, and then miss what makes New York City, revered and commonly known by just three letters…NYC.


    Jimmy Giannettino, an emerging photographer and evolving visual documentarian, provides an intimate look at the everyday life of Manhattanites.  His stark black ‘n’ white photos and mindful excursions into color bring a vibrant and sensitive feel to the routine life of City residents.  The resiliency of immigrants, street artists, and others trying to scratch out a decent living; those folk who take to the streets to entertain and work to keep our spirits playful and full of wonder; the folks who transverse the intricacies of Central Park, Times Square, and routine tasks of waiting…watching…observing…protecting are subjects in his portfolio.  He captures a spirit of individual focus and renewal.  He respects the sanctity of being captured on film when one is not expecting it.  His vision is truthful and honest.  Giannettino brings us a bit closer to understanding the dynamics of life lived, and the hopes we all share to make a better world for our children and others.  Enjoy his work in the Borders and Penalver galleries.


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