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  • Sea-cow

    One night in bed watching TV, a female praying mantis decapitates the head of its mate while copulating. They call her a wicked seductress and a cannibalistic lover, like a Siren from the deep, pressurized warmth of the sea. Bright green oozes from the nub where his head once was; he squirms, still trying to loosen her grip. She holds tighter with long limbs. You wonder if this is always the case. You read once that Sirens are sisters to Manatees and Dugongs. You feel more like the friendly sea cow; your loneliness echoes long, sharp and hollow as you lay and wait.

    About The Author

    Courtney Ebert is a Bowling Green State University graduate with a degree in French and Creative Writing. She spent the last year teaching English to French children and running through the mountains. She is currently a Social Media Intern for Middlebury Interactive Languages and will be attending Cleveland State University for the NEOMFA program in the fall 2018.