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    Unjust World


    Darkness covers rusted hours of an obscure day,

                While arrogance thrusts into serenity,

                            Scattering blood through my heart

    In the unreasonable hour…


    There is no righteousness amid the pangs of hate

                Or dysfunctional prejudice that

                            Screams in dark corners

    Of a black man’s weeping mind…


    There is no room for ambiguity

                And uncertain thoughts that ride

                            On the scarlet waves in

    A sky-less, sunset…


    Why does bigotry continue to destroy idealism,

                While belligerence stands erect,

                            Strewing its venom through the veins

    Of the innocent…





    Moral Leaders


    I saw an old Native American Chief wearing

    sacred feathers; he was riding on a mist of

    memories, and beseeching me to cover the hole

    in the heart of man. I then saw a Hindu women

    priest in a multicolored Sari; she was riding on

    red flames of fire, and beseeching me to cover

    the searing earth with soothing water. I then saw

    a Buddhist Monk who was riding on a bed of red

    thorns; he was beseeching me to cure the pains

    of humanity. I then saw a politician who was

    riding on the golden lucre of his office; he was

    beseeching me to vote for him even though his

    mouth was full of lies. I then awoke from my

    dream and wondered where the moral leaders of

    our nation went.






    Unforgiving World


    Darkness covers light with tearing


    Talons of




    The world is covered with


    Fearful screams and


    The anguish of hatred…


    Only birds can escape with flight,


    Humans captive to the earth and


    The emptiness of infinity sob amid


    Splinters of shattered glass


    Lies, search for clemency in an


    Unforgiving world…


    That destroys all optimism.


    About The Author

    James Piatt aaduna spring summer 2018

    James G. Piatt

    James G. Piatt, a retired professor and octogenarian has published, three collections of poetry, The Silent Pond, (2012), Ancient Rhythms,  (2014), and Light (2016), four novels, over 1,050 poems, and 35 short stories. His poems have been nominated for Pushcart and Best of Web awards, and many were published in the The 100 Best Poems Anthologies of the past few years. Mr. Piatt’s fourth collection of poetry, “Memories and Musings,” is scheduled for release in 2018. He earned his BS and MA from California State Polytechnic University, and his doctorate from BYU.