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    O your smile carousel of green

    Grass tops reach the sky

    O your smile breezes clean

    Of sensanity of I know why

    It’s amazing how life

    Grinds with the teeth of time

    It’s amazing how head

    Rolls and no one knows

    How to turf and fall

    Flaming words extra time

    In love with you

    Still and again shoots

    My flock misses you


    About The Author

    lawdenmarc 2
    Lawdenmarc Decamora holds an MFA in creative writing and is presently completing his MA in literary and cultural studies on The Smiths music. His poems and critical essays have been  widely published in the Philippines, and just recently he got a Best of the Net Anthology nomination for his poem "tɹaɪsɪkəl.” His literary work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Seattle Review, Drunken Boat (now Anomaly), Cordite Poetry Review, Columbia Journal (honorable mention), The Ilanot Review, Kartika Review, Mithila Review, aaduna, Longleaf Review, Vilnius Review, Voice & Verse poetry magazine, Kitaab, Poésie Bleu Souterrain, Desi Writers’ Lounge’s Papercuts, The Opiate Magazine, Eunoia Review, Spittoon, The Peacock Journal, TAYO, WE ARE A WEBSITE, The Pangolin Review, LONTAR, AAWW’s “The Margins,” Rambutan Literary, Shot Glass Journal, New Reader Magazine, Mad Swirl, Chrome Baby, New Southerner, In Between Hangovers, Panoplyzine, CALAA’s The Stilt House, The Cadaverine, and many others. He teaches literature and humanities at the Royal Pontifical University of Santo Tomas – the oldest existing Catholic university in Asia.