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    How did you expect me to handle

    A situation where you handed me a candle

    Then turned around and blow off its flame

    And tried to make me take the blame


    How could our mansion not crumble

    When you pretended to be humble

    Just to be allowed through the gate

    With your consignment of hate


    How could my heart not wrinkle

    When the one person I was dying to cuddle

    Showed up in a thorny jacket

    With spiky double breast pockets


    Why shouldn’t I break out of the bottle

    When breathing had become a struggle

    Because you cruelly sealed off the nozzle

    Supposedly to safe me from trouble


    I can perceive manipulation no matter how subtle

    That is why you’ll never see me stumble

    Instead, I’ll stand back to fan the flames

    Of your preposterous mind games



    What if when you finally find the key

    you can’t trace your way back to the door?


    What if that milestone you want to hit wrecks your vehicle?


    What if you find out that the trophy is made of clay

    just after you’ve sacrificed your soul?


    What if you wind up so exhausted that you are fast asleep

    when your savior calls?


    What if I titled this poem ‘look before you leap’

    would you always remember to count the cost?




    If you ever have to put up a smile

    Forget it

    Happiness is already beyond the Nile


    If ever you have to suppress a smile

    Watch it

    Because happiness is also a smile


    About The Author

    udua 3

    Uduak Whill Uwah

    Uduak Whill Uwah is an emerging Nigerian poet, lyricist and songwriter.