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    bill berry jr. aaduna CEO publisher image

    William E. Berry, Jr., CEO/Publisher, aaduna Inc.


    Dear Colleagues, Fans, Readers, and Supporters:


    As you may know, it started in February 2011.


    aaduna became (and continues to be) a supportive and viable platform for those recognized and unrecognized, established and emerging diverse voices that germinate in every segment and stratification of our global society. Quite clearly, those strong-willed voices refuse to be subjects of any pre-conceived societal label that tries to define their spirit based on erroneous assumptions driven by misplaced knowledge.


    aaduna has learned that sometimes those voices are clearly evident and easily unearthed.  Other times, we have to search, dig, dust off, hold close, breathe life into artistic possibilities to discover the essential wonder of creative pathways designed to excite our imagination through words and visual images…to stimulate how we see the world and the wonderment of reflection and observation.


    For aaduna, it has always been about the work, the creativity, the ability to weave words and images in a way that expand our horizons and broadens our understanding of the complexity of human nature.


    We also recognize that certain groups of our society face unwarranted challenges and obstacles that are specific to who they are, what others may fear. This lack of understanding may be due to upbringing or misinterpreted concepts of right and wrong, or what it really takes to be humane and an up-lifter instead of an ill-conceived detractor. What it takes to let go of fear and embrace fairness; to elect what is right over what is wrong. To create a society based and enveloped in equity and acceptance.


    aaduna is a literary and artistic platform for equity, fairness and the unlimited power of human imagination that is encased in each of us.


    Going forward, we will stay committed to creating appropriate avenues for different ideas and struggles to be heard, seen, embraced, and internalized to prompt introspection and enable us to question long held belief systems.


    And we graciously dedicate this issue to flash fiction writer and aaduna contributor, Jerry Vilhotti who passed away in April of this year.


    Stay creative,