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  • Lil Debbie

    aaduna Summer 2017 Cover Art, "Lil Debbie," artist Josh Byer

    aaduna Summer 2017 Cover Art, “Lil Debbie,” artist Josh Byer

    About The Artist

    Josh Byer 2

    Josh Byer

    Josh Byer is an artist residing in Vancouver, Canada.  Mr. Byer’s style, called Faux Fauvism, is inspired by Matisse.  He states, “The goal of my work is to pinpoint the moment in cognition when pattern recognition occurs.” While we will share more about Josh in the fall/winter 2017 issue when he will mount a portfolio of his work as an exhibition, you should know that his licensed artwork appears on thousands of products available from Walmart, Overstock.com, Art.com, Shop.com, and Amazon.