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David Bendezu

The Day I Saw My Aunt Tanya


Part 1:

Before I was born in 1987, my mother was told to get an abortion because she had no help to raise me.  At the time, my mother was about 8 months pregnant living in Peru and heading to America.  Her sister Tanya told her not to get an abortion because she would help my mother raise me if she needed help.  Seven months in America my mother calls Tanya and tells her she needs help.  So me, a little baby then, heads back to Peru.  Tanya, my aunt, raised me until 1992.  I remember crying when I left her.


Part 2:

David:  “Ma, I need $50 to go to the Liberty Science Center.”
Mother:  “Liberty que?  Liberty what?”
D:  “Ma porfavor you know how much I love science.”
M:  “NO!  No tengo money.  Sorry I got bills.”
D:  “Ma, please, please I want to go.  Come on.”
M:  “Ok!  Diablo, tú molesta.  You’re annoying!  One condition, you’re punished when you get back.  No Nintendo, playing outside, only school!”
D:  “Yes!  Ok thank you, Ma.  I love you.”


Part 3:

If anyone has ever been to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey in the mid 90’s, the first thing you see when you walk in was this big ball that opened up to a million spikes.  The first floor had all the electronics.  The second floor had cool items for sale.  The third floor held the big theatre.  We watched National Geographic in 3D.  The fourth floor held all the exhibits.


Part 4:

The fourth floor had a huge telescope.  We watched the sun spots and compared it to the Earth.  They had some snakes on show, a huge roach zoo.  But, then I saw this ambulance and decided to get in.  I played with the horn, the mirror, then moved to the middle where I pretended to play a doctor, then a patient.  Then I got out through the back doors and that’s when I saw a car that was crushed into a ball.  The children were not allowed to touch the car, only view it.  Next to the car they had biography of what happened to the car.  The text said it was one of the biggest car accidents in White Plains, NY history.  The victim’s name was Tanya, some weird last name.  It said that her body was flown back to Peru where her family gave her a proper memorial.  I just started crying right there.


Part 5:

Mother:  “How was it?  Como te fue?
David:  “Ma, what happened to Aunt Tanya?”
M:  “Hijo, you were too young to remember Tanya.”
D:  “Ma, what happened?”
M:  “She died in a car accident in White Plains a couple of years ago.”     


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