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    “Untitled,” Enrico Gaveglia


    Artist Statement


    Not all those who wander are lost.

    -J.J.R. Tolkien


    This exhibition of images celebrates and illuminates “kikontheroad,” which is an artistic space that aims primarily to offload memories of places where I had the luck to live in during my journeys through countries I had {and continue to have} the opportunity to walk through. These images are testament, in many ways, to how an emotive system deals with an overcharge of emotions where these feelings tend to surface, at its own pace, in digital art expressions. Sharing at times images of these experiences is, one could say, a short cut to the narrative of storytelling. And I strive to continue telling stories through my work.


    There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.

    – Robert Louis Stevenson


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    About The Artist

    Enrico Gaveglia

    Enrico Gaveglia was born in 1975 in Tuscany, Italy.  Some time ago, Enrico developed “kikontheroad” to document his travels, experiences, and insights around the world.  His direct life experiences, often in countries plagued by latent conflicts, have enabled him to walk through places of great charm and put him in contact with extraordinary people.  Every now and then, he collects accidental shots in testimony of his passages through places.  It is only much later that Enrico internalizes those unique experiences.  And in those intimate moments of reflection, stolen from his daily routine, intriguing digital products of his work come to life in a reproduced altered reality. Hereby is a sample of his work as well as some of his early drawings before his journey started.