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  • Cuban Dance Night


    tap-tap-scratch; beats

    beaten into the hard wood

    floor.  Arms interlock &


    release, lock & let go.

    The music elicits sweat,


    into the polished floor.



    ♦ ♦ ♦

    Drink Me


    To Alice it was never

    this sweet, it’s sticky

    and thick and globular.


    I feel smaller, holding

    your eyes as if I’m shrinking

    under the table to discuss

    politics with fossilised

    wads of gum.


    We leave and your jumper

    hangs loosely around you,

    hiding your skin, your smell.

    I’m still small, I feel,

    and you’re warming to my touch.



    ♦ ♦ ♦

    What I see


    1.  After Touch-Down


    I pounced.  Let both

    feet go, grabbed, tongue

    diving to a familiar niche,

    left shoulder dissenting

    only to fall into rank,

    life a soldier.


    2.  What I see


    An image of rings,

    confetti stars, a choke

    like the decadent guzzling

    of cola heaving out domestic

    thoughts mingling

    in international terminals.


    3.  Sludgy Coffee


    Thick, not-white,

    slightly stained, mouth

    full till it cracks

    at my lips.


    Creamy, globular, sick

    and stringy.  Tongue

    wading through the texture

    between my teeth.


    4.  Lastly


    I ended up both arms

    open.  Screaming.  Begging.

    Air.  Memory.  the remains

    of what I see.

    About The Author

    Fox e Law

    fox e. law is a writer living in Melbourne, Australia. He runs the literary group MelbourneLit that meets fortnightly to discuss writing, poetry and all things literary. In life, he is most passionate about writing, technology, and love.