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  • Editors note:  There are three different, yet powerful experiences wrapped into this piece:  Read the words only to Covenant first, then listen to the audio (scroll below) while reading the words, and then watch the entire video performance without looking at the words. 






    My thoughts collide, in the rec-yard of my mind’s prison


       I really don’t speak at all, what you hear are the inmates screaming


         These pages free-weights, forty-five plates


              I’m really just exercising demons




     And they think I changed my name to Tearz, because I cry across lines


        Shit, I die across lines


          My fonts change from cursive to gothic to wedding script then flat lined….


           This wasn’t intended for entertainment


    Personal scrolls and lost letters a most intimate recital


      Passionate pages and piece ripped from my heart’s sacred Bible




    My emotions have a way of taking control….


      Because I played piano in the dark for months


                                    just to hear my own notes echo off the walls of your soul


     Your love was tone-deaf…no harmony, no melody


                          Your bass lines never changed….


    My jazz music the soundtrack for relationships that started dysfunctional


                                                           And ended estranged


    And all I ever had in this world was empty pages…




    So I composed to the rain stopped,


                                                Til’ all my pain stopped


                                                    Through the random beat of gun shots


    I prayed this out on my knees every night before I went to sleep


                     That’s why I skipped church on Sunday’s


                                         And testified in Coffee shops



    These notebooks really hymnals full of songs for lonely lovers


           Turn the lights out, watch these words take life


                        You’ll find my heart beats through the covers


    And I lost faith back when life killed my dreams…..


        Underneath these streetlights tears stream


          Yet through it all, I still learned to write and dream….


             Since way back when roses were read and violets were blue


                 Before my thoughts grew from seeds and mutated


                     And my poetry started to trouble you



    I still bleed to give my emotions a voice and clear the smog from my skies powder blue


    Until the clouds scream my name…


      Until my girlfriend’s parents see that I’m more than just


                                                                              “a phase she’s going through”



    I learned to write and dream at the exact same time, transfer the images down my arm


    This whole piece is the result of rapid hand movement


    I learned to write with broken fingers, and to find comfort in the soulful lyrics


        Of blues singers


    My lifestyle is obsessive compulsive, lit candles with therapeutic rituals


       My contents under pressure aerosol my thoughts


                     I only speak to exhale graffiti murals


                                  For a world with no appreciation for art..


    On the roof top drinking Easy Jesus, high as angels


                                               We were, “down for whatever”


    Until that shot gun ripped through his North Face coat


                      And all you saw was the blood and the feathers.



    And it was I with the ripped shirt and the two pair of jeans


        It was I who ain’t ate in three or four days


                                                My hunger starved my nutritional dreams


    And it was I with the sheets in the window


         Frozen in alcoholic leans




    So these pieces, my pages origami to form, waffle cones at night


        Just to support my thirty-one “I” screams


    And my lifestyle built to struggle and dream so my character streams


         And…… my inner child?



    My inner child was in the back of your class eating crayons


                     Just trying to add some color to his fantasies.


                                                                                                          ~ Tearz~


     View “Covenant” as Spoken Word:


    About The Author


    Tearz is a spoken word artist and author from Rochester, NY. He has been writing and performing poetry since he was a teenager and was awarded the gold medal in the local NAACP Act-So competition two years in a row and then went on to compete at the national competition in poetry and dramatics. Since that time, he has continued to write poetry and perform spoken word on the local Rochester circuit. He has completed two poetry CD’s, the latest EP called “The Obsession” with his group, The Vagabonds. When asked about his stage name, he says “Tearz is perfection; it’s the exact moment when everything inside you is manifested in physical form and the world gets to see how you feel….” His poetic style can best be described as dramatic, aggressive, emotive, and poignant. Tearz has recently published his debut novel, Before I Wake under the pen name Julian Foster, and hopes to bridge the gap between people from different walks of life through the written and spoken word art forms.  www.amazon.com/Before-I-Wake-Julian-Foster  Learn more about Tears in publisher, bill berry’s interview:  http://aaduna.org/fallwinter2014/conversations/tearz/