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    William E. Berry, Jr / Publisher

    William E. Berry, Jr / Publisher


    Fall / Winter 2014      Volume 4 / Issue 3


    Sometimes I feel we are unnecessarily caught up in the vortex associated with time warps and unexpected twists and turns especially as I look back at 2014. With the fall-winter 2014 issue, we bring to closure to a year marked by a disappointments, celebration, the successful attainment of several strategic plans, and a renewed drive to assist emerging writers and artists, especially those folks who still face challenging barriers as they try to get their work in front of a public. Our disappointments tend to coalesce around those submitters whose work we do not publish. While we always try to be supportive when we elect to pass on a submitted work, I know the creative energy that can be lost when faced with “rejection.” I hope our “pass” comments, in time, re-ignites the passion and conviction that compels creativity and sparks it to bloom even fuller with colors and nuances that dwarfs our decision and make us feel that we let that person get away.


    We had many celebrations fueled by successful fund raisers in Harlem, New York City and Auburn, NY where aaduna select aaduna contributors read their work, created community with each other and the audience and filled hearts and souls with the joyful noise in extolling the written word and the regality of music, especially jazz. We increased our social media presence and garnered greater interest in our blog postings while increasing the number of countries were aaduna has a presence. We added much needed equipment; hosted our first summer intern; enjoyed several successful promotional trips to Ontario, Canada and northeastern cities in the United States, and released the aaduna nominees for the Pushcart Prize to the public.


    In this new year, I hope to reach out to emerging writers and submitters who may need a helping hand to better refine their work and craft. We hope to start conversations around our long range goal of establishing a center for writing and creative exploration that will provide a safe haven for creative people to retreat, study, ponder, and create. We will resume activity on the grants writing front by exploring avenues that may not initially seem to be the purview of artistic non-profits. And this year, we will celebrate aaduna as it moves into its fifth year of publishing and being a platform for the multi-cultural voices that create words and images into magical adventures. Simply put in 2015…


    We will stay aaduna.


    While we had an arduous travel through time and space to get this issue to you, we remain thankful for the support that aaduna received in 2014. We thank staff, funders, performing and contributing poets, writers, artists, as well as musicians, our Board of Directors, friends, readers and social media fans.


    We all are aaduna!


    Stay creative,