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    billberry1 (1274x1280)

    William E. Berry Jr., CEO, aaduna, Inc./Publisher, aaduna


    5th Anniverary Issue/Spring 2015      Volume 5 / Issue 1


    This 2015 anniversary issue was a significant labor of love and dedication. And I thank all the folks who helped make this issue happen: Lisa Brennan, Timothy Ogene, Keith Leonard, Pamela Havens, Rosemary Blake, Theodora Ravago, Christopher Gannon, spring 2015 contributors, info staff, and our readership. With computer crashes and resultant technical issues beyond our control, mounting our 2015 Auburn, NY fundraiser, promotional trips to New Orleans and the Washington, DC region, and marketing initiatives all complemented by a wide assortment of life issues, our plates were more than full. When I sit back and look at this issue, I am impressed with the diverse creative range of the contributors and the scope of thought, reflection, and creativity each person brought to the first issue of our fifth year of publishing. I am reminded that our administrative staff are volunteers, and are always there to keep the issue vibrant, intriguing, and operational! aaduna is blessed. And we can not thank them enough!


    I will wax more eloquently about our fifth publishing year in the next issue.


    For now, I just want time to breathe and be thankful for the support we have received on this journey. aaduna’s multicultural focus was founded on a simple premise, provide opportunity and support. That effort moved us through our first five years. We will stay on task to move through the next five.




    PS We do need your monetary donations in any amount.  Please support us with your check, credit card, or money orders. You will feel great after you give to aaduna because three times a year, we show you the results.