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  • Illustration for "The Introduction from The Merlinian Legend"


    The Blessed Bairn of Beltane


    Intro Illus Merlin (2)

    Illustration for “The Introduction from The Merlinian Legend”                         Artist: Dharma LeFevre (c) 2016


    Read the story written by author, Merlyn Fuller: http://aaduna.org/spring2016/fiction/merlyn-fuller/the-introduction-from-the-merlinian-legend/

    About The Artist

    Dharma Lefevre

    Dharma Lefevre is a southwest Florida based fine artist who participates in festivals, street art, murals, and commissioned pieces.  Lefevre’s background in art is inspired by Mythology, Art Noveaux, Impressionism, Surrealism, Street Art, and Fantasy. Self-taught, Ms. Lefevre took a few art classes when she was younger. She is always doing art, sketching, referencing, looking at others’ art to keep herself transforming, motivated, and terribly inspired. She is available for commissions in both watercolor and acrylics, as well as presenting her work at galleries, shows or exhibitions.  Dharma is also a dancer and fire performer!  If you are interested in a fine artist or live painter, please contact her: jennatlefevre@gmail.com