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  • Jacob’s Nightmare

    The calls in the night
    Harrowing and issuing forth.
    From a cave.
    A deep cavity.
    Your throat.
    Dreadful figments fill
    Your heart.
    And you cry out in the night.
    I know the personage that
    Gray, mannish and without form.
    The demonic shadow of my father.
    His smoky form.
    His charcoal soul.
    I stayed awake in fear of him too.
    And now, we must wake up
    And pray.


    Our River

    We look at the same
    You and I.
    You look out from a
    Jail cell.
    Eight feet long.
    Two and a half feet wide.
    A book shelf
    To spark your mind.
    My window is on Riverside Drive.
    The boats that I see;
    Some sailing,
    Some meandering,
    Images from a fairytale,
    You will see in about
    Four hours.
    The same river.
    The same downstream.
    Rushing power.
    This morning,
    You saw the hailstorm and the winds.
    You saw the downpour
    And I.
    I face a luminous light.
    Hidden. In and around.
    A black, heavy-hearted

    About The Author

    Dvorah Telushkin

    Dvorah Telushkin during the years 1975 to 1988 worked as a personal assistant, editor, and translator for Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Yiddish writer who won the 1978 Nobel Prize in Literature.  Her translations appeared in The New Yorker, and in collections of Mr. Singer’s stories published by Farrar Straus and Giroux.  Ms. Telushkin has had a side career as a storyteller and performer of Jewish folklore and literature.  She draws much of the material from the classic Yiddish writers and mystics.  In 1997, she published her memoir, Master of Dreams, telling the story of her twelve-year apprenticeship with Mr. Singer.  The book received wide critical attention, including a review in The New York Times.  The Weekly Standard called the book “a fully realized portrait of a writer… a reminder that the author’s life was as fascinating as his best fiction.”  Master of Dreams was released in paperback, and has also been published in a Hungarian translation.  Dvorah is currently completing her first novel, The Cry of the Loon. In addition, she has recently completed a one-woman show, “In Search of the Perfect Pocketbook,” which is currently being launched.  A pocketbook she designed, which is trademarked “Bag N’ Bag accompanies the show.  In 2009, she signed up for part time courses at the JTS Cantorial School, and also for classes in chaplaincy.  In 2013, she published in the poetry journals, The Light Ekphrastic, Literary Juice, and Orion Headless.  She lives in New York City with her husband Joseph Telushkin, where they raised their four children.