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  • Harlem Morning
    There’s something more in the sky-head
    than apprehension of clouds,
    /distant capricious weather
    & the mourning papers haven’t been read yet
    Harlem where I woke
    this morning,
    A world where it’s been so long
    From Hughes &
    Other celebrants
    Kin to color as the ruse.
    Its history is now
    A second ago, there
    It goes agin
    A minute hunger
    In a large broad breath
    Blood of a chin cut
    Shaving ages away,
    Face reflexive of
    Many worlds’ disorders
    A woman’s oblong
    Legs extend in the shower
    Through the centuries
    Shaving a way scars for growth
    Consider, the various advantages of wanderings
    Whenever we go to work
    To make our endings meet…
    On the way
    An early worker too
    Rivets fear
    Tending towards tenements too gone to be had
    & I’m astonished at this diss belief.
    Africa seeps through the pavement.
    We are not ugly or unaware
    A sun patient with its planets
    &Time will till
    I know histories lie.
    At lunch for instance
    I finally did eat a newspaper
    And it seems I died yesterday
    A forlorn shadow.

    About The Author

    Jacques Wakefield

    Jacques Wakefield has been published in several magazines and anthologies, the latest, A Concise Anthology of American Literature, 7th edition, Pearson.