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  • Declaration to Seths
    Though furiously impassioned,

    no weapon, poison, or policy can stand

    against the power

    of my incantations

    steeped in moon blood

    glazed with eternal flame.

    In silver chalice,

    to your very own lips

    your treachery and malice

    shall return as fatal poison.

    Loveletter to Osiris

    Beloved, I gathered your members

    war-torn and scattered.

    Upon the altar of us,

    I shall bless them back to life,

    stitch you together lovingly

    as I hungrily devour

    and savor the crab

    seasoned of your seed.

    The head strewn, a leg here, an arm there, the torso in hideous pieces, phallus devoured…
    What possessed you to search and search until you found every last bit of him? Were you certain that you could put him back together again? Did you know that you could awaken him? Were you confident you would conceive? Did you ever fear a monstrous mutation of the seed posthumously conceived? Was it your love that resurrected and conceived or your magic? Was your love your magic? Was it only your passion and power that raised the dead and birthed a god? Or was it too, your beloved’s undying will even in death to live, love, reign?
    Forgive us, Mother, the press for answers, but our lovers too and sons have fallen, and our efforts are futile. What on earth will become of us?


    My song is recorded

    in the very beat of your heart,

    my wand beneath your pillow

    as you dream,

    your keen conception,

    my illuminating brilliance!

    Native daughter/su/on,

    awaken to this Isis kiss,

    this knighted nascence!

    Let not their confliction

    of your #matter

    confound you!

    About The Author

    Tamara J. Madison

    Tamara J. Madison is an internationally traveled, poet, performer, and instructor currently living in Orlando, Florida.  Her critical and creative works have been published in various journals, magazines and anthologies including Poetry International, Extract, Web del Sol Review of Books, Tidal Basin Review, and aaduna.  She has also been published in the anthologies, Temba Tupu (RedSea Press), Check the Rhyme (LitNoire Press) and SisterFire (HarperCollins).  Author of Collard County, A Collection of Short Stories, and Kentucky Curdled, a poetry and essay collection and poetry audiobook, her album, Naked Voice, is grand prize winner of the First Literary Recording Contest for Manzanita Quarterly and AUTHENTIC VOICEwork Records, as well as an editor’s pick on independent music distributor, CD Baby. Tamara’s latest manuscript, “Breast Poems”, was short-listed as one of four in the 2015 Willow Books Literature Award for poetry. Ms. Madison has performed and recorded her work for stage, television and studio and also facilitates creative expressions workshops for youths and adults.  She holds a BA from Purdue University and a MFA from New England College. She is currently an English instructor at Stetson University and Valencia College.  For more information visit her home on the web at www.tamarajmadison.com.