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    “Quantum Smears,” Robert Bharda, digital photographer


    Publisher’s Note:

    Folks of certain experiences and lifestyle, may remember the revered New York City jazz spots, intimate venues where the booze was cheap, one could chain smoke cigarettes all night, you shared your small round table with strangers who became friends for the evening, and where the live music, as Robert Bharda remembers, “Was out of this world.”


    Bharda started his “smear” series in 2012.  He shares, “’Quanta Smears’ are composed entirely from assemblages/templates of natural/organic elements: flowers, leaves, berries, cones, seashells, stones, mushrooms, grasses, et al.”


    Three years ago, Robert dealt with a health issue, spent several weeks, five days each week, listening to the music of Thelonious Monk and other jazz giants as he drove 60-75minutes to and from appointments.  That experience brought back memories of old haunts, close friends, and a time that was influential, a coming of age.


    This Bharda exhibition consists of fifteen ‘organic’ digital images all themed by ‘music.’


    The first ten images are from a suite, “Thelonious,” and are entitled:


    Around About Midnight

    Elvin Jones At The Village Vanguard

    Eric Dolphy (When Blue Is Green)


    Rainy Night On Delancey

    These Foolish Things (Washington Square Park)

    Jimmy Garrison At The Blue Note

    Ruby My Dear (Motif Matisse)

    Straight, No Chaser

    Trane At The Gate


    The remaining five ‘Smears” reflect various musical nexus:


    Nina Simone


    Fat Elvis


    Viola Listening To Pavarotti


    So, if you are a jazz aficionado or not, regardless of your age, gender or any other societal definition, just go slip in a CD, put a vinyl on the turntable, or arrange your iPod…just play the music…jazz…while you savor these visual images.




    Click on image below to view exhibit


    About The Artist

    Robert Bharda

    Robert Bharda, originally from New York City, has resided in the Northwest U.S. where for the last 35 years he has specialized in vintage photographica (everything from salt prints to polaroid) as a profession. His illustrations/artwork have appeared in numerous publications, both in the U.S. and abroad, and are current on covers of Naugatuck River Review, Blue Five NoteBook, and within recently published Cirque and Rio Grande Review. His portfolios of images have been featured in Cahoodahoodaling, Blue Five, Superstition, aaduna, Serving House Journal, The Adirondack Review and are forthcoming in The Critical Pass and Santa Clara Review. Also a writer, Bharda’s poetry, fiction and critical reviews have been published in The North American Review, Northwest Review, Shenandoah, Quarterly West, Willow Springs, ACM, Cutbank, Fine Madness, Kansas Quarterly, Yellow Silk, Poets On, Conclave and many others, including anthologies.