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  • bill publisher message spring 2017

    William E. Berry Jr., CEO, aaduna, Inc./Publisher, aaduna (Photo credit: Lisa Brennan)



    Once again, a spring anniversary issue is available to our readership, contributors, fans and followers.  The past few months have been memorable.


    I still marvel at the creativity of writers who weave, cajole, capture, transfix, and form words into tantalizing works of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. And then there are the visual artists who understand the complexities of color, form, light, textures and how to best manifest the ideas that they perceive onto a canvas, paper, and textiles or through some other medium. You can explore their imagination in this issue.


    I still marvel at aaduna’s ability and stature as a literary journal to attract submitters who come from every imaginable social group, who exhibit the complexity and nuances of a rainbow in terms of cultural, economic, geographical, racial, ethnic, and creative backgrounds.


    I still marvel at aaduna’s desire and ability to tackle diverse and multiple projects simultaneously, and construct collaborations and partnerships, which provide a public platform for writers and artists to express their creativity to the general public.  In association with Olive Trees, a print publication and press, and the Cayuga Museum of History and Art, both based in Auburn, New York, a dormant literary series was resurrected, re-energized and made available to the public.  On a bi-monthly basis, “word, revisited” presents a featured nationally/regionally recognized writer or poet followed by a community open mic session held at the Museum’s carriage house performance space.  On another note, the annual aaduna fundraiser will occur in late May with a diverse array of writers complemented by live Blues music as we continue our exploration of the influences and spirit of the Harlem Renaissance.  (See our Support Us page, and I encourage you to support what we do for you.)  And, in partnership with the “aadunanotes’ blog, aaduna mesmerized National Poetry Month followers by presenting 4 poems from 4 different poets every day for the 30 days of April.  When it was over, aaduna presented poems from 120 poets who live around the world.


    I still marvel at the journal’s ability to grow and extend its global reach.  aaduna is now read in 102 countries.  Maybe one day, there will be issues in other languages.


    I still marvel at the consistent dedication of our volunteer staff and editors, and am pleased to welcome more guest editors who will help us provide even better submitter and contributor services.  Please meet those new folks and renew your acquaintance with regulars via the “Meet the Team” section.


    I still marvel at the fire and passion of our readership and social media followers who catapult our outreach towards new populations and interesting cohorts of influencers.


    I still marvel at the support from you.  And do not take that graciousness for granted.  Thank you.


    Stay creative,