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    In the middle of Gambier Ohio I laid down in a field stained blue in light

    And thought about boys and girls and everything I wished I’d done, all the Love

    I want. People will look anywhere for it and somehow I look in people.

    Sometime in there the night fell away and morning broke, sky sweaty

    And crackling with airplanes, and I walked Gabe to his shuttle, cried,

    Walked Eileen and Selam and Collin to their shuttle, cried, walked

    Joseph to his shuttle and walked to the market. There were Amish vendors

    In the main square, selling goods. Jam. I think it was warm, sweet jam.

    I walked right past it, but looked, searched for a face to break to.

    I watched the vendors glance up at the sky, their eyes touching everything.




    * * * * *


                after Ada Limón


    If I didn’t feel so unworthy after lying, I’d tell you

    my body shines in daylight like a pile of pennies,

    stack of wishes some hand dipped into to pull out


    a perfect human. But no matter how much I’d like

    to be gold, this is not how I was born


    This is not how two people in their forties make a child.

    There was no fountain involved, nothing melting together


    but two hushed shrugs. Growing up, I scrubbed myself hard

    each night, searched for something under

    but found no shine in me.

    I’m not money. There is never too little of me to love.


    About The Author

    Daniel Blokh

    Daniel Blokh is an almost 17-year-old American writer of Russian-Jewish descent, living in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the author of the memoir In Migration (BAM! Publishing 2016), the micro-chapbook “The Wading Room” (Origami Poems Project 2016), and the chapbook “Grimmening” (Diode Editions). His work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing awards and the Foyle Young Poet awards, and has appeared in DIALOGIST, Permafrost, Blueshift, Cleaver, Gigantic Sequins, Forage Poetry, Avis, Thin Air, Cicada, and more.  He’s bad at taking naps, which sucks, because he really needs a nap right now.