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    Chaya Bhuvaneswar, M.D.

    Guest Contributing Editor

    Chaya Bhuvaneswar, M.D. is a physician who has been grappling with the ravages of Covid-19 and its impact on general medical and mental health services. Dr. Bhuvaneswar is also a writer whose work has appeared in aaduna, Narrative MagazineTin HouseMichigan Quarterly ReviewThe Awljellyfish review, and elsewhere, with poetry forthcoming in QuiddityCutthroat JournalNatural Bridgeapt magazine and Hobart. Her poetry and prose juxtapose Hindu epics, other myths, and histories, as well as the survival of sexual harassment and racialized sexual violence by diverse women of color. She recently received the Dzanc Books Short Story Collection Prize, a MacDowell Colony Fellowship and a Henfield award for her Pushcart-nominated writing. Follow her on Twitter at @chayab77. Dr. Bhuvaneswar remains associated with aaduna as a guest contributing editor with periodic literary commentaries when “19” is vaccinated or dissipates from ravaging the health of people.