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    I, Too, Am Bathsheba 



    “Cleanse in honor of Him,” they said. 

    “My pleasure,” she avowed.  

    “I’ll unwrap and bask  

    according to law,” she declared.  


    “Beautiful,” he thought.  

    “Mine,” he ventured.   

    Seductress, she became.  

    God’s heart, he was praised.  


    And the stench of debauchery remained with her. 


    “You smell amazing,” she said.  

    “Thanks. Sensual Amber,” I replied.  

    “At church?” She censured.  


    And amber musk resurrected centuries old toxicity.  


    * * *

    Untitled Document



    I love you, but I cannot say the words 

    I hate you, and my body language proves it 

    We sit with ease and comfort in the presence of ourselves 

    We stand with anguish and disdain in the company of others 


    Our pride depleted the union that was forming 

    Our hurt kept us apart 

    Now we are altogether separated  


    Free from pain 

    Bound in regret 


    Stuck between burning bliss and corruptive chaos  

    Maybe time will bandage itself around us

    About The Author

    Crystal Harris

    Crystal Harris is a recent PhD graduate from the University of Memphis. She teaches African American literature and composition courses at the university and volunteers with educationally centered youth programs throughout the city. Although words perpetually inspire her, Dr. Harris only recently reinvigorated her love for writing poetry.