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    Songs For A New World


    sheba de sol


    my fondest dream

    when I’m a note

    is to conceive

    sweet melody

    ‘gainst your sable

    dark-skinned tone.


    a half of note

    replete your whole,

    a soft blue note

    adjoin the pitch,

    my soul enrich

    your succulent


    dark-skinned tone.


    a note my love

    majestic song

    refined through all

    nix with stall

    premise my love

    consent, intone

    for your luscious,

    dark-skinned tone.





    Love in Color Blue


    Wrote down my life

    to gaze upon

    extend where paths will go,


    From birth, t’ward growth

    and all between  

    for contemplate of flow.


    From height, and breath

    my joys, abstain

    success, ‘long failures, true,


    Yet, through it all

    my one companion

    this soul will journey

    with you.







    Mundo, Nuevo


    I live, a world

    where wrong seems true

    and frolics ‘bout as hate


    Where peace does not

    order the day

    where darkness makes light fade.


    I live a world

    where truth is foul      

    no vision, sight foreseen


    for glory days

    no lively days

    and offers us no mean.


    I cry salt tears

    my brow is drenched,

    all soulful sobs unheard,


    no eagles now

    for symbols us

    too honest, free that bird.


    My country ‘tis

    it dare not ring

    for malice, hate and greed


    but a reaper sows

    and scatters, his grain   

    posterity digest my seed.


    I live a world

    I live this world

    our land, my home not free.


    Yet, we rise, walk

    we fight, march on

    sweet states searching liberty.



    About The Author

    J. Connell Warrick

    J. Connell Warrick, the poet ,was born in Washington, D.C. and educated in the D.C. public school system. After high school, Warrick matriculated at Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English. Warrick has been teaching grade school in the Washington Metropolitan area since 2002. He also holds a master’s degree in Teaching from Regent University. Warrick as also worked as an adjunct English professor at the University of the Potomac, and an ESL instructor for Prince George’s Community College. Warrick is married with 2 kids and lives with his family in suburban Maryland. Warrick is looking to get exposure for his writings and plans to publish his first collection of poems next summer.