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    Jeffrey Lee Graham

    Digital Collage

    Publisher’s Note:

    Prior to viewing his work, I encourage you to visit (and possibly re-visit) the post made on “aaduna notes” regarding Mr. Graham’s exhibition.  Go to http://aadunanotes.blogspot.com/2014/08/introducing-jeffrey-lee-grahamaaduna.html


    As a society, we value those visual artists who can frame our pain, anxieties, joys and triumphs in such a way that we can embrace those truths about ourselves.  Often, images can shock and confuse or bring abandonment and joy.  Captivating art makes us think and ponder and reflect and feel.  Jeffrey Lee Graham’s work propels us to face the monster that lurks in the shadows and creeps into our spirit leaving devastating consequences.  aaduna hopes his work makes you think and prompts you to engage others in conversation to identify strategies to assist, support and help heal our fellow human beings who feel trapped and abandoned.  It does take a village….


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    About The Artist

    Jeffrey Lee Graham

    resides in San Francisco, California.  Jeffrey shares:


    I make digital collages


    being human

    being under stress

    being an I.

    All works based upon exhaustive study of one person.


    All works designed for viewing on an LCD screen

    in the solitary comfort of your own home.