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    Untitled Poetry


    On their 2,000th birthday
    the Greek gods grow green
    and their lapis encrusted eye
    is sightless—


    unsighted thus
    they gaze in Gaza
    through a vacant eye
    (the other)
    and put out a once youthful
    lay your best thought here
    and your most fiery request!


    carried ashore by Poseidon’s
    trapped in a fisherman’s mesh
    silent-sea-green Apollo lies
    on a needy child’s bed-spread


    two fingers severed by his captors
    who hope that gold is hidden
    in his flesh





    Untitled Poetry


    A grey chickadee

    lies in an icy bed

    barbed lumps

    and shards and moon

    rays –

    stiff claws arched

     around a heavenly twig

     heart silent-

     the great pine tree

     panting –

     extends a branch:

     looking down

     through a glass enclosure

     a frigid rigid ring

     the ground is quaking

     a glacial discharge

     of shrieks and whispers:

      oh  almond trees

     and flower beds

     and chirping –

    who broke the crystal vase?

    About The Author

    Judita Pamfil

    born and raised in Transylvania, Romania, grew up speaking and hearing Romanian, Hungarian and French in her home.  At school and privately, she learned German, Russian, Latin, and French.  Currently, a resident of Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, Ms. Pamfil was brought to “English Canada” by a decision prompted by the reverberations of the 1970 October Crisis in Quebec.  Although seven years after the fact, it appeared that this significant event did still inform and mold political attitudes and public sentiments.  A well meaning diplomat at the Canadian Embassy in Athens, Greece where Judita’s family was waiting [as political refugees from Communist Romania] for the landed immigrant status to Canada, decreed that Toronto, rather than Montreal would be a safe haven for them.  And so it was that Judita and her family started their life in an English speaking milieu, in spite of the fact that their acquaintance with the language was quite minimal. Thirty or so years later, Ms. Pamfil presented and published Moon Songs, her poems imagined, felt and written in English.  Judita, in addition to being a multi-lingual poet, is a figurative and abstract oil painter who has also created mono-type prints for a children’s book.  Learn more about Judita in publisher, bill berry’s interview, “Conversation with Judita Pamfil.”  http://aaduna.org/summer2014/conversations/judita-pamfil/


    Her abstract oil painting is featured on the home page of this current issue. Be sure to visit aaduna’s Penalver Gallery to view a collection of Judita’s work in the featured exhibition.