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  •  Talking w/Roberta about the Civil War


    I’m getting out of here
    no matter how many
    kings or clowns
    stand in my way.


    This two-crayon country
    is close to war
    and the South has more weapons
    this time. More trigger happy rebels
    than the last time
    we in the North
    supposedly won.


    Remember that?
    When our ideals held weight
    and still the planet died?
    Yea, we held fast – to our money markets at least –
    while everything else kind of
    went out the window
    for an Audi
    or BMW
    XKG 6 7 9 4 1.


    We let go somewhere in the Seventies,
    right after college,
    Or a year or two after
    unemployment ran out
    and we lost our taste for beans.


    Somewhere – between virility and impotence –
    the South began to rise. Swelling its ranks with religion
    and militia and now we’re surrounded
    with our theories and meds
    unable to focus, unable to aim.

     Writer’s Almanac


    This Blaise Pascal guy
    was pretty heavy
    back in the day.
    Imagine air having weight.
    He did. I can’t. And that is why
    there’s vacuums. Pressure exerted
    on a fluid in a closed vessel
    sounds equivalent to oppression
    if you ask me. And perhaps Pascal
    didn’t roll that way but
    that’s how probability goes:
    Hostilities mount
    between God and numbers.
    Right angles, and Heaven’s

    About The Author

    Mike Jurkovic

    had his first chapbook, Purgatory Road, published by Pudding House Press in 2010.  His poems and music criticism have appeared or are forthcoming in over four hundred national & international literary magazines.  Mike’s work is included in anthologies such as WaterWrites & Riverine (Codhill Press, 2009, 2007) and Will Work For Peace (Zeropanik, 1999).  Since 2003, Mr. Jurkovic has served as co-director of Calling All Poets in Beacon, NY and is producer of CAPSCAST, live readings from the Calling All Poets Series, available on itunes.  His CD reviews appear in Elmore Magazine, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, & the Van Wyck Gazzette.  If you want to follow Mike, please visit www.mikejurkovic.com.