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    I used to hear the fairies wings fly through my backyard but now the grass is silent as still
    as a tree.


    I used to see the dragon hiding in the tree, playfully nipping me as I climbed, but now the
    dragon has left me and I sit there all alone.


    I used to dance with the elves underneath the bright moonlight, our joyful laughter
    echoing all night long. But now the elves are hiding, though all night I search for them.


    I used to run with unicorns, they hid in the woods nearby. We’d go on grand adventures
    and journey cross the sea. But now when I cry for them to come, they just run farther


    I used to sing with the nymphs and play on their harps. Doing each other’s hair we let the
    day passed by. But now when I come to our favorite spot, there is only grass and flowers.


    I used to fly across the sky, soaring like a phoenix; traveling to parts unknown, untouched
    by human feet. But now my wings are clipped, my feet grounded to the earth.


    I used to go to my kingdom, hiding behind the shed. Ruling the people gracefully and
    riding my horse all day long. But now when I go to visit, I cannot find the door.


    I used to be free to see mysteries untold but now I’m trapped in never-ending darkness,
    my wonder nearly gone.


    About The Author

    Natasha Knight

    is twenty years old from Green River, Wyoming and a full-time student at Brigham Young University-Idaho where she is majoring in English.  She offers this background on her poem, “Wonder:” This piece was designed to capture the feeling of seeing exciting and unknown things of imagination and then the loss that happens when children start to grow up.  Natasha Knight shares that she is quite new to the publishing world and that her studies in college will further develop and enhance her skills in creative writing.