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  • Squaring the Circling Way


    No photos exist for those days,
    the ones leaning into each other
    as our bodies sought out spaces
    where we both could be
    and old lives fell away as old ways will
    when the stretch into new
    forms a view on the world.


    For this town was our world:
    a lake, a dog chasing down a piece of tree.
    And we found our way finally
    to the home made bed,
    ringed round with glass,
    the mirror, old image, paned way out.


    That room became a crucible
    where we distilled what would remain –
    that which we’ve beaded out
    these last four years
    bright to behold and molten to the touch,
    molding what will not lie still
    but circles round, searching out its own tale.


    About The Author

    Sarah Wyman

    gardens and teaches in the Hudson Valley of New York where she is an associate professor of English at The State University of New York at New Paltz.  At that campus, Professor Wyman teaches 20th century U.S. literature, creative writing, drama, and literary criticism.  With a PhD in Comparative Literature, Sarah’s main scholarly interest involves word & image studies, specifically the comparison of poems and paintings as parallel systems of signification.  While she tries to keep her academic responsibilities and poetry writing in separate and distinct arenas of her life, aaduna celebrates the juxtaposition of her scholarship and creative publications.  Her recent poems have appeared in Petrichor Review 3, Mudfish 17 (2012), The Shawangunk Review (2007; 08; 09), and Riverine (Codhill 2007).  For the past seven years, Professor Wyman has been teaching poetry reading and writing workshops at a local prison. Visit her at https://faculty.newpaltz.edu/sarahwyman.