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    William E. Berry Jr., CEO, aaduna, Inc./Publisher, aaduna




    Regardless of where you live in the world, there appears to be rampant critical situations prompted by political divisions, armed conflict, religious misunderstandings, national elections, corporate malfeasance, environmental disasters, challenges in the delivery of health care, and bullying on social media platforms.  Even the Olympics had its share of unnecessary drama and misplaced nationalism, and that global event comes at us once every four years. 

    Through the tumultuous events that may be specific to your country or those worldwide issues that affect your thinking and concerns about a sane just world, writers, poets, visual artists, and cultural workers continue to create; to interpret; to offer a different perspective on those issues that affect their artistic thinking. 

    Creative output can reflect a concern about worldwide events or center on very personal nuances and individual interpretations of life.  That output can reflect planned change or unexpected surprises.  With every issue, aaduna hopes to capture the diversity of creative thought and present those thoughts as manifested by the author or artist to our readership and followers in a world that is constantly being subject to varied influences. 

    We continue to appreciate the ongoing kind and enthusiastic messages of support and gratitude for our efforts.  We respond to those messages, as well as to the constructive criticism when those thoughts cross our doorstep.  However, we do not publish testimonials.  Instead, we focus on our contributors and how we can advance their creative endeavors and be supportive of their work.  Investing in their future endeavors is more important to aaduna then thumping our chests.  And quietly, we do notice when other publications implement many of our supportive initiatives after we have operationalized those plans.  We just remind ourselves of Charles Caleb Colton’s words, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  And move on.

    In the arena of “servicing” contributors, we are pleased to share that writers and prior aaduna contributors Kenneth G. Gary and Austin C. Morgan will serve as 2016 guest fiction editors starting with the summer issue and continuing with the fall publication.  More importantly, we have started to move forward our short range plan where fiction editors directly communicate with the writers whose work they are reviewing instead of some anonymous editing function where the writer does not have a working relationship with the person editing their work.  More about that initiative will come with the fall issue, also “Conversations” will come off its hiatus during the fall season. 

    We will continue to position the aaduna blog as the jumping off point for our communications with readers and contributors, and supplement that messaging effort with postings on social media platforms.  We always welcome folks who appreciate what we are doing to “Like Us” on Facebook via the Aaduna, Inc. page and to donate money.  Keep in mind, we are volunteer-driven and operate as a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 IRS tax-exempt organization.

    So, as we move forward in a changing and all too often unpredictable world, we hold true to the aaduna Mission.  That is our anchor.  Our grounding.  Our guidepost.


    Stay creative,