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    Charged with humanity

    Not what I am

    Allegations of peace

    Promising tomorrow is beautiful


    Awakened to the indictment of the establishment

    Recriminations endeavoured to see humanity

    The fruit of the spirit

    Equality, love and peace


    Denounced my aura, my consciousness

    Censure my words

    The law of the land, our essence

    States freedom of speech


    Champion conformity and harmony

    Like impeachment liable to what is natural

    Initiation to citizen’s authority

    Revelation to layers of reality


    Indifference to my significance

    Indifference to my disposition

    Chained my sovereignty

    Grounds to defend my equity



    About The Author

    Anna S. Kapunga

    Anna S. Kapungu resides in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom where she has written her second book, “Feet on unstable waters.”  “Champion” in this issue is from that second collection.  Themes in thecurrent collection capture aspects of humanity, nature and love, and is based on experiences in the author’s life and inspiration from travels around the world, music and society. Nature is the author’s first love and therefore a reference in most of the collection. Love and society poems are based on the emotional journeys in society and consciousness of the needs of ordinary people. Ms. Kapungu’s first book, Water falling between words was published by Austin Macauley Publishers.  Her other publishing credits include United Press UK, Eber and Wein Publishers USA, Forward Poetry UK, The Sentinel Journal magazine and The Eustere Journal.