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    I am



    I am

       a bombastic battalion

       of unified cells


    A nair’ do well freak army

       a billion strong


    I came

       from the cum

       of a comet crook


    I walk

       wise to the ways

       of a different day


    I am






    I am

       punk rock politico

       citizen Kane


     Wormhole warrior

       Against you


    I am

       sitting here sober


       in need of booze

       in need of truth

       …………of pussy

       …………of flowers

       …………of pain








    The coyotes lust in the darkness for dawn

    their eyes glowing against a murky backdrop


    They tease death with every movement

    aiming at annihilation


    Our love sits in silent cunning

    daring them.                                       






    The Transient Prophet


    The transient prophet spoke only in poems


    Dark denim destiny


    He had lived in waves of amber

    and forged long forgotten roads


    Magic maidens cared for him

    among throngs of shell shocked pawns


    Morning mayhem warriors walk scarred and anguished amidst the tortured fragments of



    begging for answers


    Yet nobody listened when the prophet spoke

    Nobody heard a word


    About The Author

    Jeffrey-Paul Horn

    Jeffrey-Paul Horn was born in Utica, New York and raised in Rome, New York.  Mr. Horn briefly attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and shortly after leaving school, he began writing music, and is currently, a performing guitarist. While he started writing poetry as a youngster, he became passionate about content and craft as a maturing adolescent.  Jeffrey has always retained an adventurous and rebellious spirit, and plans to pursue an alternative, agrarian lifestyle. In this moment of time, he resides in Syracuse, New York with prior extensive travel and maintaining a residence in Tempe, Arizona, Austin and Houston, Texas, as well as St. Petersburg, Florida.  Horn’s work is published by Clare Songbird Publishing House, and initially came to aaduna’s attention through an open mic reading at the bi-monthly “word, revisited” literary series at the Cayuga Museum of History and Art in Auburn, New York.  aaduna is one of a trio of partners (the museum and Olive Trees, a print publication) in this literary series.