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    Rocky deserts exist, high mountain goat herds exist.


    The pierced heart is not the only one.


    Peaks stand alongside people.








    Beautiful as science is your song,


    and invincible.


    Grasses become feathers, and fly.








    Lady of the ships, this is the hour


    to array them on the horizon before us


    in token of that which is now.

    About The Author

    Margarita Serafimova

    Margarita Serafimova  has published two collections of poetry in the Bulgarian, Animals and Other Gods (2016) and Demons and World (2017). In English, her work is forthcoming in Agenda, Trafika Europe, Minor Literatures, The Journal, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Futures TradingGinosko Journal, Poetic Diversity, The Punch magazine, SurVision, and appears in London Grip New Poetry, A-Minor magazine, Noble/ Gas QuarterlyThe Birds We Piled LooselyObra/Artifact, Dark Matter JournalWindow Quarterly/ Patient SoundsPeacock Journal, Anti-Heroin Chic, In Between Hangovers, Voices Project, Mocking Heart Review, Renegade Rant and Rave, Tales From The ForestMisty Mountain Review, Outsider Poetry, Heavy Athletics, The Voices Project, and Cent magazineSome of her work can be found via facebook.com/MargaritaISerafimova. She currently resides in Sofia, Bulgaria.