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    all my dreams keep repeating
    like leaves passing under our feet
    in the middle of the night
    each time i peek at you –
    magical fish
    all my dreams keep repeating
    like a scratched vinyl record
    in the middle of a quiet room
    each time i peek at your shadow
    stepping out of the wall
    i confess: your voice is my favorite collection
    come and be the hand that takes me to the next groove
    come and be my sea, sun, road welcoming each morning
    with a cup of coffee and wind

    safety depends on what we consider home:
    a house a brainy hole of memories
    a honeycomb – like the taste of womanhood
    on the roof of my mother’s tongue
    i have learnt to be content
    with my orange teeth and salty skin
    behold the absence of grief on my face
    i don’t have to be a river overflowing
    with regrets
    neither a sky hanging in place with a fraying string
    with each new sun i am learning to love my body –
    i speak less with my disorders
    i am learning to become stronger and smaller
    than i could ever dream
    i am learning to be like dreams nest on the eyes of a lover
    i am learning to bear a flower like name among every other thing
    so next time you see me across the street
    staring at my own abundance
    know that:
    i am blowing away my sins
    like an eye lash
    and building myself
    from scratch

    About The Author

    Ojo Taiye

    Oye Taiye was born and grew up in Kaduna.  He currently lives in Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria.  Mr. Taiye is a poet, essayist and teaches Tourism in Calvary Group of Schools, Agbor. His poems and works have appeared in journals like Kalahari Review, Brittle Paper, Glass Journal, Tuck magazine, Lunaris Review, Elsewhere, Eunoia Review, Lit Mag, Juke, Praxis magazine and elsewhere.