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    darkness is comfort for the ones with lost souls in the empty cruelness of bright eyes. she stood 5 feet tall with a crown of white lies hovering overhead; she only had one wish…to be like them. she cried and cried with red eyes burning her skull to death. a man came and took her hand and said she was beautiful and at the young age of 15 she believed him but he only had devilish intentions. he sighed and groaned while she tried to imagine herself flying far away as she focused on one spot on the sharp ceiling. young girl at age 15 pure and sweet was forced to run feet first into the darkness. and yes.. that girl was me.






    i laid in the dark for a cold and lonely emptiness. there was a burning red flame that was up in the desolate darkness; i tried to reach out for her but my arms were weak with worry of being burned with her beauty. day after day after day after day, i lay looking at the red flame waiting for her to call my name in sweet surrender to my gaze. i want her touch but she must be gentle for i am fragile and she burns hot, hotter than the sun. then all at once her flame fell deep into my empty chest igniting my shades of crystals. 




    Dreaming high on Blue.


    She worshipped something as small as a seed. It was smooth a vibrant shade of blue; this little blue seed like thing she popped in her mouth at least three times a day. She said it gave her a new perspective on life. It showed her things most people on clear couldn’t quite understand. She started dreaming high on blue and something in the way she spoke changed; she said the blue seed gave her life but the doctor said it was ruining her brain. When she was high on blue she said it was like floating on a baby blue cloud that would gently, slowly drift her away. Then it did.

    About The Author

    Selena Oquendo

    Selena Oquendo is an emerging poet and writer who resides in Rochester, New York where she chronicles life through various interactions that are formed by poetic words and prose phrases.