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  • William E. Berry Jr., CEO, aaduna, Inc./Publisher, aaduna (Photo credit: Lisa Brennan)

    William E. Berry Jr., CEO, aaduna, Inc./Publisher, aaduna (Photo credit: Lisa Brennan)



    The summer is usually a time for mindless relaxation.  Wandering beaches; reading books and magazine articles purposely set aside as we hunkered down for the winter and then found some pent up, restless energy for spring cleaning.  Hiking unpaved roads strewn with branches and the occasional log.  Long walks along trails not yet traveled but doable because of the pre-set road markers, as well as bug sprays, cook-outs, indescribable and possibly unimpressionable conversations permeated by in the moment laughter and an overall good time significantly shaped and influenced by specialty cocktails, wines or craft beer. So, you would think that any literary journal would purposely provide easy reading so the reader could easily retreat from provocative themes and challenging nuances.  Maybe, but not aaduna!

    You can judge the scale of exhilaration this issue produces. Maybe it is during a bout of beach chair reading on your phone or IPad…maybe at the kitchen table as you imbibe in a late night excursion to the frig for something to eat or to wash down insomnia or battle dry mouth or riding the bus or train to get to work. Whenever, however…I think you will enjoy this issue.
    Now moving past the merits of the summer issue, aaduna is, once again, expanding the team that creates an adventure in words and images.
    Tamara J. Madison, a member of the faculty at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida is a guest contributing editor with this issue. Professor Madison brings an instructor’s analysis and keen understanding of poetic constructs as a prolific and published poet (Pushcart Prize nominee,) writer, actress, and dancer.
    With the fall/winter 2017 issue, we will add additional guest editors and start a new series of critical analysis and presentation of international writers whose work should be re-read and further enjoyed. While I am tempted to share the names and background of these guest editors, I rather keep you in suspense and anticipation. However, I will make a series of announcements in “aadunanotes” in mid-fall as our thoughts transition to raking leaves, countryside road trips to peep foliage, picking pumpkins, and wandering corn mazes.
    And least I forget, aaduna is now read in 104 countries with the recent addition of Uruguay and Armenia.
    Stay creative.