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    Arthur Hutchinson

    Arthur Hutchinson (Arthur the Artist) was born and raised in Auburn, New York (NY) to Jamaican parents. He attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he received a bachelor’s degree in architecture. After working as an architect for nearly eight years, he became disillusioned and decided to quit his job to become a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s during this time that he began creating art with the intention of finding his true path in life. This unleashed a torrent of inspiration leading to the creation of hundreds of works using the rigorous tools and methods learned while working at top architectural firms. His beautiful and strange self-portraits served as a roadmap in search of a true identity while his jubilant digital paintings celebrate the freedom that comes with personal discovery. Most notable are his intricately cut paper relief sculptures which use layers of colored paper to create symbols and imagery that emerge deep from the world within. Now he’s returned to his hometown of Auburn, NY to share what he has learned with the hopes of inspiring others and bring awareness to that fact that power and beauty often lie beyond our deepest fears. He currently teaches art at Hillside Children’s Center and continues to create work designed to captivate, reveal and inspire.