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  • Sapphire Us

    Sometimes I paint.

    Does Sonia Sanchez paint? The window pane

    Inflamed by the sun’s arms reaching in, pain-

    Ful at such a green hour. Hours pass

     Our bodies. Undulating and crafting

    Reasons not to stay. Trapping shadows in yesterdays.

    Peter pan. Poor man. I wonder what

    It would be like to walk the walk

    Without a translucent friend of incandescence

    Under our bodies. Martin Luther King Jr.’s shadow bled

    Black. The same as him. I bet.

    I bet a saxophone’s shadow bleeds blue

    And breathes indigo too and catches the gold,

    Dripping notes of its friend, the saxophone,

    And feeds them to ours. Our hours 

    Here are not long. But our hours are ours.

    And my daddy loves Johnny Coltrane

    And for some reason also loves windows

    Because they’re mostly squares.

    But I’m not so sure he can say the same about jails.






    Light/Inverted Light

    The light.

    It floats

    to clothing & things,

    and doors partially open.

    And if the light can answer a riddle correctly or

    if these things have considered it

    with an open heart, they will surrender

    a part of themselves as a place

    for part of the light to

    rest. A refuge, for the time being.

    And the uncollected saturation,

    unphased, and as content,

    will become inversions 

    of clothing & things,

    and doors partially open

    and paint its own mysteries

    across walls & ceilings,

    without any riddles!


    How willingly

    a room exchanges itself

    for mysteries & things,

    and places for light to


    How willingly.

    About The Author

    Dionna Vereen

    Dionna Vereen (aka Dionna V) of African-American/Asian-American decent represents a level of being and cultural authenticity, which is grounded in being a proud and determined young woman. A pursuer of pLaY, authenticity, and connection, as well as by her enthusiastic self-description she is “Feverishly in love with language…her poetic adventures…investigate the intrinsic physicality and musicality in language and explores the world [where] she/the page with an inquisitive and curious eye.” A senior at Syracuse University, Ms. Vereen is a classically & contemporary trained actor & vocalist; creator of the South Jersey holistic forest festival SunGround; vice president and a founder of Syracuse University’s Linguistics Club, and “just generally fascinated by the concept of existence.” She has read as part of the 2019 Just Poets Reading Series, Nox Cocktail Lounge, Rochester, NY; the annual Art in the Age of Trump, 2018 convened at ArtRage Gallery in Syracuse, NY; Love and Relationsh*t at Wildflowers Armory, Syracuse, NY, as well as at numerous open mics showcased in New York, New Jersey and London, England. Dionna was a selected vocalist at Syracuse University’s annual Songwriters Showcase, and hosted SU’s annual Rep Where You’re From Spoken Word event in the fall 2018. In October 2018, she released a poetry album titled, Curiously Sensual: Words for the Physical & Mental Body. And that recording is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.