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    bill berry publisher aaduna august 23 2019 600x700

    William E. Berry, Jr., CEO/Publisher, aaduna, Inc., “Sunflowers of Sanborne,” photo credit: Lisa Brennan


    The hiatus is over.


    While I knew we were falling off our scheduled track, it was when a former contributor’s champion wrote me and refenced the date of the last issue. She wanted to know if that was the demise of the journal. 


    Even when you know something is amiss, it often takes an unexpected jolt to “hit home.” It struck me that in the past twelve months, we had inadvertently drifted into a malaise that was driven by a variety of events that were not within our control.  And some hindrances were self-induced as we realized that even though we try, we could not accomplish all the varied tasks that we wanted to.  Surgery, death of a parent, focus on toddler and pre-school grandchildren and other critical family matters were unplanned issues that quietly ebbed away at concepts of time and other temporarily derailed other responsibilities.


    The self-induced roadblocks were all positive but nonetheless it eroded available time to perform all the tasks associated with launching issues. Sponsorship of a bi-monthly literary series, increased social activism, initiating reading opportunities for contributors, manifesting the conceptual framework to create aaduna House, a retreat venue for writers, poets, visual artists and other creatives, my own writing and readings are a few of the avenues that deterred movement on the specific pathway towards publishing the journal.


    So, I trust we are better at tackling the unexpected and have an improved methodology to manage planned initiatives and have started to get work for the fall and winter 2019 issues to our volunteer editors.


    aaduna editors! Simply, there would be no aaduna without our team of dedicated creatives who find the personal time to continue to invest their knowledge and literary and artistic skill sets to make every issue of aaduna a delight for readers and a learning experience for contributors. They will be thanked in a special way later this year.


    And as always do, we continue to give props to and appreciate our readers, fans, and followers who breathe life into the words that they read and the art that they behold.  Their commitment to embrace this diverse, multicultural literary and visual art vehicle called “aaduna” is a testament to the simple fact that any “canon” can be expanded to include and celebrate all creative voices and ideas that spark the intellect and broaden the artistic understanding of the public.


    aaduna will continue to be a platform for presenting global voices and visions that represent the totality of the human community.  


    The hiatus is over.


    Stay creative,