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    “Flames for a Nue Revolution”  (c) 2015

    Geoffrey D. Holman


    Geoffrey Holman

    Geoffrey D. Holman, (photo provided)





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    About The Artist

    Geoffrey D. Holman

    Geoffrey, published author, playwright, spoken word performance and visual artist, and director of original theatre was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1964.  Mr. Holman studied advertising art and design in high school, as well as at the State University of New York at Farmingdale where he added early childhood education to his collegiate studies.  After college, he founded The Nue Liberation Theatre Group, a New Jersey based touring theatre company.  Over the years, he has produced and directed several of his own stage and spoken word productions at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café, the Bowery Poetry Club and many other venues in New York City. In 2007, One Legged Cow Press published his Songs of Brick & Steel Giants, and his collection of poetry with illustration, Ghettoetry was published by Publish America in 2009. aaduna welcomed his work in its fall 2012 issue.  Currently, Holman has completed two plays, “A Comfort of Opposites” and “Jumpin’ Turnstiles (and other misdemeanors),” which he hopes to open in the 2015/16 season as a fully executed stage production.  “Jumpin’…” is currently in workshop with The National Action Network’s National Action Artist Activist.  An avid activist, he is involved with National Action Network, The Color of Change, Black Lives Matter, and the National Wildlife Federation.  Mr. Holman is currently working on a new collection of poetry and illustrations titled “Flames For A Nue Revolution” with foreword by Summer Hill 7 set to be completed 2015.  He resides in the Bronx, NY.