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  • “Flames for a Nue Revolution”  (c) 2015

    Geoffrey D. Holman


    Geoffrey Holman

    Geoffrey D. Holman, (photo provided)





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    About The Author

    Iconoclastic, fiercely independent, willing to set and bear responsibility for his actions, futuristic in outlook, and strong willed, Lou Borders pushed the status quo and made opportunity a reality for those who did not have it. A businessman and entrepreneur, labor organizer, and professional golfer back in the day of pre-Woods, this dignified African American embodied what this gallery seeks to do...present images that challenge form, observation, and monolithic thinking. In the style of “Uncle Lou”, the gallery will attempt to pursue its artistic goals with integrity; maintain a sense of purpose, and “by the sweat of [our] brow” make contributions to the artistic landscape.