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    “Untitled Exhibition”

    Todd Foster, Artist

    Artist Statement

    Some things are already written into our future that we can not change, rewrite, and must be accepted as is. Living and loving life is a precious thing and should be cherished. Since my health problems (see artist bio) came about, I have learned this valuable lesson. Keep a smile on your face, a song in your heart and faith in your head. The artworks I am exhibiting are the results of the past few years where my life has taken some life-altering changes. I hope that you enjoy and appreciate these works, and know that I plan to put more works in the Foster’s Art Gallery in the near future. I thank everyone for viewing my artwork with a special thanks to Lisa Brennan and Bill Berry for getting this exhibition going.


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    About The Artist

    Todd Foster

    Todd developed an interest in art as a young child through influences from his grandfather, Cyril Foster, and later in life by Professor Long, a noted artist and teacher in Auburn, NY. Mr. Foster continues to sketch and paint whatever he sees or feels at any given moment of spontaneous creativity, and his work in imbued with a backdrop story behind each piece. In 1978, Foster experienced a significant situation, which literally changed the course of his life. A drunk driver hit a sign pole that hit the side of Todd’s head causing a life long seizure disorder. Todd recollects, “My thoughts of my future were taken away from me in an instant and caused a lot of unanswered issues. My grandfather, Cyril, helped me get through this difficult time by drawing me out with a focus on my artistic ability.  In 2008, I was diagnosed with “T” cell Lymphoma. I told the doctors to tell me what this is and I’ll beat it.  I did. I beat it; however, one year later, I was re-diagnosed with Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma (CTCL.) This one cancer has no cure! You can receive thrice weekly treatments that will keep it at bay. Eventually I stopped those treatments because of the cost. While I’ve had other issues to come up, I’m ‘ok’ with those developments. God told me that it’s not my time yet. I need to continue my drawings and paintings.”