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    Patricia Roth Schwartz

    Patricia Roth Schwartz, poet, memoirist, writer, and editor, has had published seven volumes of poetry, including Planting Bulbs in a Time of War, and Other Poems, and Charleston Girls: a Memoir in Poems of a West Virginia Childhood, both by FootHills, 2016. Schwartz is also widely published in small press journals including Nimrod, Clackamas Literary Review, South Carolina Review, Palo Alto Review, Iron Horse, Blueline, and aaduna. For two years, as an adjunct instructor, Schwartz taught college courses to inmates at the Cayuga Correctional Faculty in Moravia, New York through the Inmate Higher Education Program (IHEP) of New York State. From 2001 to 2015, she served as a volunteer inside the Auburn Correctional Facility in Auburn, NY where she facilitated a weekly poetry workshop with inmates. In 2008, she was named ACF’s Volunteer of the Year, and has edited four published books of their work, including the anthology, Doing Time to Cleanse My Mind. She is currently writing a memoir about her experiences as a prison volunteer, and is working towards a 2018-19 publication release. Pat frequently presents writing workshops in numerous venues including Writers & Books in Rochester NY, local libraries, community centers, and arts councils. Her volume, The Crows of Copper John: a History of Auburn Prison in Poems, initially issued in 2013 by Olive Trees, was re-issued in 2017 by FootHills. Her chapbook, Know Better: poems of resistance, was issued by locofo in 2017, and has been recently re-issued in an expand format by Clare Songbirds. She lives with her partner, Sandy Zohari, and their dog Rosie on their thirty-five acre property, Sage-Thyme Haven, in Waterloo in the Finger Lakes. Reach her at www.patriciarothschwartz.com

    Imani “Clio” Lang

    Imani “Clio” Lang is a published poet, blogger, creative nonfiction writer, and pianist currently residing in southern California. Born in Oakland, California, she lived in Houston, Texas for many years where she started spoken word performing. Traveling and joining music groups has been an extraordinary part of Clio’s life, and writing has been her passion since she was eight years old. In 2010 at fifteen, she won her first poetry competition at Spring High School that led to a workshop invitation where several authors signed her featured poem, Psyche. That experience crystallized her desire to be published. At Lonestar College, Clio was Poet Laureate for the 2012-13 year. (Visit: www.lonestar.edu/library/16221.htm) Several of Ms. Lang’s poems have been published in The Larcenist magazine and “Miracle E-zine” under her pen name Clio. In May 2017 at 22 years old, she published her first book, Snake Season that is available on ebook and paperback through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. While dedicating her livelihood to helping others, she is currently an undergraduate at Missouri State University – Online studying for her undergraduate degree in Psychology. After graduation, her plan is to pursue a career in social work to help children by working to develop policy- making legislation, as well as child protective services. Now at 23, Clio hopes that her contributions to this issue can inspire others to keep writing and keep living! Visit her blog for poems, soundcloud audio and miscellaneous blog posts at https://wordpress.com/view/

    Nikhil Chandwani

    Nikhil Chandwani is an educator, entrepreneur, author, film producer, corporate trainer, and travel director. He has published six books covering teen fiction, poetry, crime fiction, spiritual self-help, and poetry. His 2017 books were the self-help, Tales of an Unconscious Mind and poetry, Strange Tides on Broken Rhymes. Dr. Chandwani founded his first firm, Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. for film production and the entertainment business in 2013. The company is currently producing the upcoming Hindi feature film, “She” starring Ravi Bhushan Bhartiva and Priva Mitra with direction by Viplab Majumdar. He started his second firm, The Walnut School of Ideas in 2016 for corporate and college student training. This education firm has trained around 75,000 students throughout India, and is one of the fastest growing EduTech startups in India according to the Huffington Post. The firm provides technical courses including GRE, GMAT, and IELT, which are particular foci in the south Pacific Region. A prolific public speaker, he has delivered speeches at approximately 120 universities all over Asia and maintains visiting professor status. Interestingly, he was appointed an assistant professor at KL University when he was 21 and taught engineering students at that campus. Nikhil has directed and wrote “Escape from Kenya,” “Amazing Amazon Adventures,” and “Futuristic Weapons” that was distributed in eighteen countries. Dr. Chanwani’s research focuses exclusively on the Middle East and he has prepared war documentaries as an independent travel writer. His documentaries and TV shows are available on Netflix.

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