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    “Untitled Exhibition”


    Josh Byer, Artist (c) 2017


    Click on image below to view exhibit


    About The Artist

    Josh Byer

    Josh Byer is an artist residing in Vancouver, Canada whose work served as the cover art for aaduna’s summer 2017 issue. Mr. Byer’s style, called Faux Fauvism, is inspired by Matisse. He states, “The goal of my work is to pinpoint the moment in cognition when pattern recognition occurs.” Featured five times on the front page of Reddit, his online galleries have received nearly 12 million views since 2015. Byer’s paintings have appeared in hundreds of publications, including recent features in Style.ca, VICE, OPALUS magazine, The ARTBO, Creative Boom, and 1968 magazine. Named “a pioneer of a new modern art style” by Style Canada, VICE France praised Faux Fauvism as a “worthy heir of an art movement embodied by Matisse.” Byer’s licensed artwork appears on thousands of products available from Walmart, Amazon, Shop.com, Overstock.com, and Art.com.