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    Banwa is a two-person husband and wife team, Christopher Gannon and Theodora Ravago, with a varied array of interests and a multidisciplinary approach toward web design. Chris’s passions and areas of study include luthiery, oil painting, finance, writing and fly-fishing and Theodora’s interests are science, entrepreneurship, photography, and travel. They believe that the emphasis of good web design should be in the blending of ideas, art, culture, and technology, and it was with this in mind the couple formed Banwa in 2013 (Banwa being the Filipino word for community). In Banwa, the couple is able to blend their multitude of seemingly disparate passions into compelling and captivating web design experiences. Both have years of experience in web design and development. Above all, the team at Banwa consider themselves digital craftspeople who take great pride in perfectly polishing each pixel, and carefully considering each line of code. Based in Syracuse, New York, they work with clients from all over. For more information or to get in touch, their website is www.banwadesign.com.