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  • Boho Dancer

    Boho Dancer By: Manya S. Goldstein

    About The Artist

    Manya S. Goldstein

    Manya S. Goldstein moved to Syracuse, New York in 1974. At that time, she was trying to write poetry.  (See Cazenovia Women’s Writers Center; Walt Shepherd’s Nickel Review). In 1976, Manya met master potter and art historian, Cleota Reed and gave up words
    for clay. For twenty years, Goldstein did juried craft shows; taught clay classes, and sold her work in galleries around the United States. She moved to Pennsylvania in 1998, and gradually began to glue her studio together. Her mixed media work is based on the ephemera and flotsam of everyday life. Manya lives outside of a small town, on 13 acres, with her husband and two formerly feral cats.