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    David H. Roche

    David H. Roche is a poet, photographer, artist and old enough to be retired.  In his words, “Residence is in Warrenton a small community on the North Coast of Oregon since June of 2009 having left NY for an end of life adventure after being an impoverished ‘wage slave’ my entire working life. This is a gorgeous area; a photographer’s paradise with a maritime history I find to be of great interest. I enjoy the harvest of the local delicacies from the ocean such as Dungeness crabs (these are truly delicious,) salmon and Razor clams. I hope corporate cartels do not make the food inedible as they have in lakes back in New York and elsewhere. That is a theme that possesses me. Sometimes my work is overtly political; sometimes it is spiritual; sometimes I offend people with my opinions. For that reason, I tend to avoid people and put my opinions in art and poetry. I share my life with a dozen or so cats. Ten of which were born under my trailer since I have been here. [There are] a few [who] crawl under the covers like having an electric blanket that works when the power goes off. It is a genuinely educating experience to domesticate and make friends with a feral cat. I urge you to try it.”