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    Digital work, Paris 2013

    Ivan de Monbrison



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    Ivan de Monbrison’s Artist Statement


    Absorbing light

    a man out of himself

    draws the circumstances of chance

    in the neighbourhood of madness

    being just one

    on the rim of death we avoid to speak

    I met you blue

    in the room where you were



       I saw you slowly dwindle

    on the bed where you were lying

    and I thought

    what have I left but dust for a body

    a whim of air in my mind..


    I thought


    of years to pass and yet to come

    I thought that I would die


    if I did not pick up this brush to paint

    your portrait with my heart and shout

    out loud that I was still alive

    despite the madness

    despite the craving to die


    all the remembrance of days gone

    never to be lived again

    despite a sick woman slowly slipping away

    in darkness

    to paint to write to draw

    is but to be

    as simple as that


    the rest is mere fantasy

    imagination glory foolishness

    they do not mean anything


    at the very center of this bridge going over a river

    you raise your head and see in the distance

    the moutains of the south of France

    you see the fields so dry

    you paint them in your soul


    you want to know

    what is left after the second after you are dead

    you want to

    signify this moment

    of you own death

    you want to







    to you


    the subway

    and who

    is ignoring you




    you don’t belong to you...

    About The Artist

    Ivan de Monbrison

    Ivan de Monbrison is a French contemporary poet and artist born in Paris in 1969. He currently lives in both Paris and Marseille. His visual works have been recently shown at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, New York in June 2013. The have been printed recently in Florida English (cover) fall 2013, Constellations literary review winter 2013/2014, Qwerty literary review fall 2013, The Portland Review fall 2013, Folio literary magazine fall 2013, The Pinch literary journal fall 2013. Five poetry booklets of his works have been published : L’ombre déchirée, Journal, La corde à nu, Ossuaire and  Sur-Faces;  his poems have also appeared in several poetry magazines in France and in the US such as Jointure, Arpa, Friches, Phréatiques, Les Hommes sans Epaules, The Boston Poetry Magazine, The Coe Review, The Germ, The Poetic Pinup, Penny Ante feud…