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  • There I was at Coney Island



    I felt Staten Island to my left


    And the Bronx to my South


    But neither place had the best hog dogs around


    I still have sand left in my shoe from when I last visited


    I still remember the conversations I had with the old man in the old arcade parlor who


    said the next time he would show me around


    I miss the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and self-trance I go into every time I think of


    Coney Island


    You know I was Coney Island’s baby never to forget where I left my heart.

    Burning Desire


    Fire to the east


    As the sun rises in the West.


    I change the course of human nature


    By being and just existing

    About The Author

    Christine Donofrio

    Christine Donofrio is a poet, writer, and filmmaker. She is currently finishing her creative thesis project at Tiffin University where she is working towards a Masters of Humanities in Art Visualization and Film Studies. Her creative thesis is a documentary about gay and lesbian families entitled “We Are Family”. She’s had a personal essay, poems, and different creative pieces published. She hopes to work in non-profit once she finishes her degree and teach art online. She is very excited to be part of the aaduna family, and welcomes comments and dialogue to christinemdonofrio@hotmail.com