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  • Rant of an Old Wiccan Lady


    mention me in love;

    after you make love to the silhouette of my dress.

    hint with husk after these maroon breasts

    may the maiden milk you tasted as a child

    bring you under the callow lament of my professed niceties.

    my thighs are yours and mine .

    I like them as you do

    in a way,

    though more of your lust you must inform me.

    all of these words are mistakes!

    false teeth for a broken witch

    whose spells have half-lives of half a Spence.

    though the mere fantasy was a burn

    until I wash another away with the rain of my



    of face.

    Danielle’s Denial


    even if love runs into a staid cliff,
    I’ll hold your arm in the dainty wallows.
    smiles have come and gone
    in the Carpathian Mountains.
    we sang together.
    I’ve told you
    many swallows and elks knell and come forth
    toward and under the sanctions we load.
    a life
    of two years bundled in bright brown ware
    teething is he!
    and growing is my belly!
    though you drop and search for your lips
    I kiss them!
    wherever you place them
    I find them!
    wherever you are now
    I long to never know
    unless never is as my days
    with child and memory

    Peeling Gray Apples


    acid from my eyes
    melts the snow.
    hemlock and bonfires erupt
    in mid-air.
    spoken word
    poetry has lifted callow bricks,
    brick red
    dead roads
    leading to what we reap;
    inside I’ve wrestled with terrorists
    inebriated coughing
    deep bursting ash
    from broken ties.
    why must we bomb the earth again!
    in the same places
    places common
    with grinding
    pulse feeds no man
    in these days
    poets fill up Abbey Road
    to find no
    red wine
    just drips of water
    making rhythm
    with one too many
    crackled smiling
    the trees have titled downwardly
    moaning for fruit
    for logic
    for law
    for order
    for God

    About The Author

    Ernest Williamson III, PhD

    Ernest Williamson III, PhD is a cultural whirlwind.  His published poetry and visual art are  in over 400 national and international online and print journals. Some of Dr. Williamson’s visual art and/or poetry has been published in journals representing nearly 50 colleges and universities around the world. He is an assistant professor of English at Allen University  and a self-taught pianist and painter, as well as a poet, singer, composer, social scientist and private tutor. His poetry has been nominated three times for the Best of the Net Anthology (visit www.sundresspublications.com.) for the poems : “The Jazz of Old Wine”, “The Symbol of Abiotic Needs”, & “The Misfortune of Shallow Sight.” He earned the B.A. and the M.A. in English/Creative Writing/Literature from the University of Memphis and the PhD in Higher Education Leadership from Seton Hall University. Prof. Williamson is also a chess master with a rating of 2223 and currently is the  visual arts editor for VerseJunkies Magazine, http://versejunkies.com/?page_id=6189.