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  • A quarter of it


    The noise retrieved as the silver orb
    dissolved into her comfort shape.


    There was still the box you handed me
    the other hurried afternoon with


    your sweat and ignorance and all:
    The childhood, your face, a flashback.


    It’s odd. We’ve never shared the sweetness
    in it. Not on a hill, not in the stars.


    The feast is always for innate families
    we once were: the time your smile reflected


    my devotion and warmth to a momentary
    figure. Your eyes shimmered against my voice.


    It was as if we have hardly been more than
    photos. The box sits still by


    the desk. Not to waste what it meant to
    house, I had to take out a moon from the


    four. And managed to swallow a cutout of
    our remaining past.

    About The Author

    Ho Cheung (Peter) Lee, EdD

    Ho Cheung (Peter) Lee, EdD, was born in Hong Kong. He is an ESL teacher, school administrator, curriculum developer, academic writer and poet. His doctorate was earned from The University of Hong Kong with a thesis on teaching reading. He holds an Associate Diploma (Speech & Drama) from Trinity Guildhall with distinction and received the Trinity Guildhall Exhibition Award for Performing Text. Now he is working on his first novella and short story collection while happily dialoguing with modern poetry. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Chaffey Review, FIVE Poetry, Miracle, Ozone Park Journal, Poetry Pacific, Poetry Quarterly, Red Booth Review, The Interpreter’s House, Wild Violet, and elsewhere.